2020 IWWF Asian Cable Wake Fest Chinese Taipei纜繩滑水亞洲巡迴賽高雄站 registration form報名表
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WB僅能選擇一組參加 Wakeboard no double entries at this event( You can't join U19 and Open at this event). If you want to join WS is allowed.
您是2008年以後出生的嗎?are you under 11 years old?
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For foreign riders, Any family and friends coming with you? 給外國選手:您有家人朋友一起來嗎?
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是否需要協助安排訂房住宿?Do you need us to book hotel with discount price for you?
請註明需要幾人房如果要分床也需要註明 please put down how many pax are staying and prefer double bed room or seperate single bed room. thank you.
Insurance 保險 *
Athletes should take out private travel/accident insurance besides their health insurance. Accident insurance should include all accidents arising during cable wakeboard competitions. Your travel insurer should be able to include this as an extra endorsement if you do not have existing coverage. Athletes will be required to sign a waiver upon registering and provide evidence of personal accident insurance. 選手除了健康保險之外必須加保個人額外保險(旅平險等)。意外保險必須涵蓋所有競賽過程中產生的意外。若沒有涵蓋上述範圍,您的保險專員需要為您提供相關額外保障。選手必須簽屬切結書以及提供相關個人意外保險證明。
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要參加3/4-5的國際裁判講習嗎?March 4-5 judging seminar
參加費用entry fee:USD70 (lunch included)
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Registration & Indemnity 切結書 *
I understand and am fully aware that wakeboarding can be a DANGEROUS activity. I understand that the sport of wakeboarding and the use of wakeboard equipment involve a risk of injury to any and all parts of my body. I hereby agree that I freely and expressly assume and accept any and all risks of injury to me and/or my property howsoever caused while wakeboarding and using wakeboard equipment. I hereby agree that I will release Organizers from any and all responsibilities or liabilities for any injuries or damage to me and/or my property, howsoever caused, due to wakeboarding and the use of wakeboard equipment. I agree NOT to make any claim against or sue any or all of Organizers and the owners and/or operators for any injuries or damage caused to me and/or my property relating to wakeboarding and the use of wakeboard equipment. I have carefully read this Agreement and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability and an agreement for the benefit of Organizers and the owners and/or operators of cable park system. Life Vests & Helmets must be worn at all times.本人同意任何運動都具有潛在性的危險,滑水運動也不例外。 本人若因從事本次滑水活動而受到意外傷害,由本人自行負責,與主辦單位無關,如有不實,本人願負一切法律責任。(參賽者未滿18歲請填寫下一題監護人資料)
Name of Guardian if you are under 18 years old. 未成年之監護人名稱
Join this event on www.cablewakeboard.net 請在上述網址中登入並點選參與本賽事
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