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What is a Formal Complaint - Portland Public Schools?

When a student or family has a concern, we encourage a direct conversation with the educator or department directly involved in the issue. There are many other District staff who may be able to help, too, including administrators who oversee specific schools or departments. The District also has a District and Family Liaison, who can help families access information, connect with District staff, and help resolve concerns: 

We also make available to PPS students, families, and all who reside within the PPS District community a Formal Complaint process. This policy and the accompanying administrative directive describe that process in greater detail. All parties to a Formal Complaint shall be treated and treat others with respect and dignity, and the District will provide support to those making complaints so that the process is accessible, transparent, and reflects our strong commitment to racial equity and social justice. The District will resolve complaints as quickly as possible and in compliance with state law. Not all concerns are subject to the Formal Complaint policy and process (e.g., special education services or PPS employees). If your concern is not part of the Formal Complaint process, we will direct it to the appropriate department and give you the contact information, too.

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