Buckeye Trail 50+5 Challenge
In celebration of Ohio's Year of the Trails and the 50th Anniversary of the National Trails System Act we invite you to challenge yourself to hike 50 miles on Ohio's 1,400+ mile BT and give back 5 volunteer hours to the trail we love by December 31, 2018. Please fill out this questionnaire so that we can help celebrate your amazing achievement!
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Help support the nonprofit Buckeye Trail Association build, maintain, protect and promote Ohio's 1,400+ mile state trail by becoming a member. The support of BTA members and volunteers helps many more people get outside to enjoy the outdoors. Check out http://www.buckeyetrail.org/membership.php to become a member if you're not already.
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We want to share your experience with others, we'll use your words here to promote hiking and volunteering to others. Let us know if you would like to remain anonymous for any reason. Tell us where you went, what you saw, what you experienced as if you were trying to get your friend to join you. Write as much as you like, but a couple of sentences is acceptable. Thanks!
Willing to Share a Picture of You and/or Your Hiking Buddies on the BT?
We Would Love to Share Your Photos of You Completing Your Challenge to Encourage Others. Not Required Though. This Form Only Allows Photo or Video Uploads to Gmail Users. You May Also Send Your File to ssugar@buckeyetrail.org.
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