NGS training - February 2019: registration
Dear all,

The Romanian Society for Bioinformatics ( will organize the 4th RoBioinfo Seminar, a workshop on Next Generation Sequencing technologies, between 25-27 February 2019, in Bucharest, Romania. The workshop will kindly be hosted by the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Biology.

With a very similar format to our 3rd workshop held last year in Timisoara, the meeting will aim to be a 3 days hands-on NGS training workshop (with both theoretical and practical sessions).

In order to register for the event, please fill the form below. Academia registration fee is €50 and will cover meals and dinner. Industry registration fee is €150. Payment information will be communicated after the selection process. Several bursaries have been pre-awarded to the hosting institution, and as such, only a very limited number of additional bursaries (with 50% reduction or full fee exemption) might be available. These will be awarded on merit and motivation.

We kindly ask you to submit your registration request before January 25th, 2019. Based on our previous experience, the number of candidates will be higher than the number of places, so we will not be able to take into consideration requests made after the deadline. Due to the same limited capacity, we will favour attendees that would benefit the most from this workshop and could give back to the scientific community. We advise you to please pay special attention to the questions regarding the impact/benefit of you attending the workshop - these will be the ones used to select participants!

For more details about the event go to:

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IMPORTANT! This section will be used to select candidates for participation! Please tell us in a few words (aim to have at least 100) how the gain from your participation to this event could potentially be passed on to as a positive impact on the scientific/academic activities in Romania. For example: will you be able to teach the skills acquired during the workshop to other younger colleagues? could you get involved in teaching bioinformatics or related topics?
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For the training, a virtual machine with all the software pre-installed will be available. This will have to be configured before the start of the workshop either on your laptop or on one of the computers from the University. To run everything smoothly, the computer on which this will be run should have at least 30GB empty space on the SDD/HDD and at least 8GB RAM. In general, we also recommend that the laptop is not older than 4 years (though this might depend on the model/configuration). Note: The hosting organization will be able to provide computers for approximately 1/2 of the participants, so if you have a laptop that has the required specs, that would be the preferred option.
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We cannot promise, but we will try to accommodate your dietary needs for the lunches, coffee breaks and Tuesday's dinner. If you have special dietary or any allergies that we should know of, please let us know.
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Due to our negotiation with the hosting organization (Faculty of Biology, University of Bucharest), several bursaries have already been agreed upon for participants affiliated with the host. Because of this a very limited number of additional bursaries (50% discount) will be considered.
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