CJAE Co-Authorship Program Request
The Canadian Journal of Autism Equity asks that authors seeking to join the co-authorship program send us a proposal prior to writing their contribution. We can then facilitate the pairing of the author with another should you wish. Further information about this program can be found on our website. https://mulpress.mcmaster.ca/cjae/Guidelines

Deadline to submit form: May 21st, 2021

Disclaimer: The co-authorship program does not guarantee that the resulting piece will be selected to be published in the journal. All pieces must still go through the selection process.
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Please indicate which medium you were thinking of pursuing (e.g. article, reflective essay, letter, video, images, poems etc.):
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Please indicate the theme(s) that you would like to focus on in your submission. This will allow us to better partner you with a person/people who have expert knowledge or experience in the field (ex: gender, indigenous perspectives, northern/rural, critical disability theory, etc.)
Proposal *
In no more than 250 words, please outline the topic of your contribution and why is it relevant to equity within the Autism community.
Key References (if relevant)
Please cite key references which underpin the rationale and argument of your submission.
Support Needs
Please write down (if you are comfortable) any support requests you might have. We will do our absolute best to ensure that all your support requests are met. Furthermore, we would like to assure you that this will be kept confidential and will only be shared with relevant parties with your explicit consent.
Final comments
If there is anything else you feel that the Editorial Board should know, please note it down here.
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