De Soto Police Department- Vacation Check
Use this form to submit a vacation watch for your property located within the City Limits of De Soto. Please complete all the information below. Officers will perform extra patrols of your home. If they observe anything out of the ordinary they will use this information to safely secure your residence and make contact with you if necessary
Email *
Please provide your name and phone number. This number should be a number where you can be reached while you are away. *
Please list the dates for which you are requesting this vacation check to start and end. *
Please provide the address for the vacation watch *
Please explain if anyone will be at the home during the time you will be away and describe any vehicles that may remain while you are away *
Please list a close relative or friend we may contact if an emergency arises that may have access to your property *
Is there any other information regarding this request that you would like the De Soto Police to know that may not otherwise be listed. If no additional information please type NA *
Are there going to be any dogs or other animals on the property. Please also any other dangers that may exist should officers need to access your property due to an emergency. *
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