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A Quality Management Strategy exists. It is up to date, risk and customer oriented and takes into account external and internal factors.
Management meetings are planned and done. They help to review the performances, the strategy and the improvement opportunities.
The management strategy is shared to every employees. It is declined for every activity and it is customer oriented.
A Process Cartography exists. It describes the company's activities and it is customer oriented.
Every activity is described and managed. KPIs are defined for each activity, in line with the strategy.
Product/service specifications exist. They are in line with the customer's expectations, the legal requirements, the environment of use and the internal standards. They help doing the product/service conception.
The product/service conception is done with validation steps. In case of conception review, the modifications are communicated to the people impacted and the customer's needs is taken into account.
Documentation and training exist so the product / service quality is conform to the customer's expectations at every step of the process.
The company has means to measure its performances. These performances are quality oriented and they help to improve the company's activities.
The company implements actions to improve its system. The actions help to solve the problems met, their efficiency is evaluated, and they help avoiding the same issues in the future. They are shared with the management.
The suppliers having an impact on the product / service are selected, identified and monitored. The specifications related to the product / service they deliver are shared with them.
Communication is done with the customers to evaluate their satisfaction. Any negative feedback leads to a corrective action plan.
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