Study-In Signup for Climate Action: Week of 3/25-3/29
Hello and welcome! We are having a study-in at President Schlissel's office in the Fleming Administration Building, independent of and in solidarity with the Washtenaw County Climate Strike sit-in, to demand climate action by the University of Michigan. Our collective future is at stake, and we want the University of Michigan to be a real leader.

We are demanding that the University of Michigan commit to a Just Transition to true carbon neutrality by 2030.
We plan to sit-on from 8:00am - 5:00pm from Thursday March 21st until the University agrees to our demands. We will read our demands at the top of every hour, and be quiet if told to do so.

This will be an occupation of Schlissel's office and an ongoing disruption of business-as-usual because business-as-usual is what will threaten our futures. Come hang out for a couple hours once a week, study, sit in some VERY comfortable chairs, and make it clear to the administration that the time has come for this great institution to take responsibility alongside its power.

Do homework AND work for a better & more just future at the same time!

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