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Introduction: Was it engaging? Did it make you want to hear more? Did it introduce a problem we need a solution for? Give comments in the other line. The introduction was...
Bible: Was scripture used and interpreted well as the foundation of the message? The use, and interpretation of, scripture in the sermon was...
Bottom Line: Can you summarize the main point of the sermon in a sentence? The bottom line of the sermon was...
Gospel: Was the good news of Jesus central to the message?
Clarity: Was anything said that was confusing, distracting, or too difficult to understand? Was there any Christian or insider language that was not explained for newcomers? The clarity of the sermon was...
Application: Was there a clear call to action to apply the message to your life?
Illustrations: Were they used well? Did they connect with the audience? Did they help the main point of message? The illustrations provided were...
Length: Was the sermon delivered within the given time? Were any parts too long or short? The length of the sermon was...
Conclusion: Was the conclusion compelling? Did it summarize and drive the main point home? Did it end too fast or take too long? The conclusion of the sermon was...
Memorability: Were there any memorable phrases, illustrations, or application points that will help the message stick with people?
Objections: Did the preacher address any potential objections? Are there any objections that should have been addressed?
Unbelievers: Did the preacher speak to the people in the room who do not yet believe in Jesus?
Points of contention: if you were forced to make a negative comment. What would it be?
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