WATG Awards Nomination
Each year at the WATG Fall Conference, the Wisconsin Association for Talented and Gifted honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the cause of Wisconsin’s gifted and talented children. As a WATG member, you have the opportunity to nominate someone who, in your opinion, is worthy of recognition. You might consider a person, institution, or organization who/that has:

*Made a valuable contribution to the enhancement of gifted/talented efforts in our state
*Made a significant difference in a school or district
*Had a dramatic effect on students
*Been of extraordinary service to parents, or
*Done exemplary work in curriculum development or faculty inservice

A second written recommendation will be required, which can be submitted to watg@watg.org

Nomination Deadline: September 1, 2019.

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Two written recommendations are required for each award. Please provide the name, email and contact information of the person or persons who will be emailing their recommendation for this nominee. The recommendation should be emailed to watg@watg.org and explain the accomplishments of the nominee that qualifies them for this award. This second recommendation also needs to be received by WATG by September 1, 2019.
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