SFHA 2019-2020 Coaching Evaluation Form
Coaching evaluations are used during the coaching selection process and are only viewed by the Coaching Selection Committee.

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Please submit one survey per player in your household.

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My coach displayed good sportsmanship. *
Coaching staff displayed good sportsmanship. *
Our coach treated us with respect. *
Coaching staff treated us with respect. *
Our coach played all of us fairly. *
Our coach tried to improve our skill level and knowledge of the game. *
Coaching staff tried to improve our skill level and knowledge of the game. *
Our coach offered us the opportunity to play in out-of-town tournaments. *
Our coach was always available and on time. *
Coaching staff were always available and on time. *
Overall, our coach met our expectations. *
Overall, our coaching staff met our expectations. *
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