CISV Mar 1 - "Take Me To Your Leader"
Young people today have so many great ideas about how to contribute to making the world a better place. Its time to blast off those ideas in this space themed workshop that covers the CISV Education Model, Educational Pillars, and training in how to plan and run an activity.

Participants at this program will work alongside experienced mentors, by the end of the workshop they will have planned the anti-racism event "To Peace and Beyond" on March 21st! Come join us as we have a day of fun learning together!


In order to attend the workshop participants will need to apply by filling out the application below and will be accepted by the education committee. We are looking for individuals who are eager to learn, ready to be brave and step into their adventure zone, share their ideas and build their team work & leadership skills.

Participants will receive many benefits from the weekend
- The opportunity to plan and run original activities - created by youth for youth.
- It will look great on a job resume or program application for future adventures.
- Gain attitudes, skills and knowledge to become an active global citizen and agent of change.
- Meet awesome, like-minded people who can create inclusive and welcoming places

Sunday March 1, 2020
Location: 213 Avenue C S, Saskatoon, SK S7M 1N3
This workshop is for ages 11 and older

Not quite age 11 yet? We are only accepting applicants that are age 11 and older for this workshop however the "To Peace and Beyond" activity will be open to ages 8-17 so save the date for that!

There is not cost for this event thanks to the generosity of #RisingYouth Community Service Grants (Taking IT Global, Canada Service Corps and Government of Canada). Who provided funding to ensure cost would not be a barrier or participation for anyone.

Participants will be expected to be available to be in a leadership role at the March 21st International Day of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination which will be from 9:00AM-9:30PM

We are so excited,
Maxine Panchuk
Wendy Li
Brooke Coller
Alanna King
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CISV T-shirts
You have an option to buy a To Peace and Beyond t-shirt
The cost $15 each

Payment must be made ahead of time by cheque or e-transferDeadline to order is MARCH 1st - Orders placed after March 1st may not be available or might be a different size than requested.

Cheques mailed to: CISV Saskatoon C/O Renee Trischuk 328 Carleton Dr, Saskatoon SK, S7H4C1Please include a note that the cheque is to pay for a To Peace and Beyond T-shirt

E-transfer to: I will send my full payment by etransfer ( - please write "To Peace and Beyond T-shirt" in the comments section Password should be: mars

Shirts can not be ordered until money is received. Shirts will be available at the March 21st even (not on March 1st)
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What are some examples of discrimination/ unfairness that we can see in our world?
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What is an example of something someone could do to make the world a better place for people who are treated unfairly?
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Can you think of an example of a person who has helped make the world a better place? Who are they? What did they do?
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What can you do to make someone feel included and welcome in a new group?
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In your opinion what traits does a good activity planner have?
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What is your favorite planet in space? Why?
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If you met an alien from outer space what do you think they would look like? How would they act?
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Parents/Legal Guardian Portion
This must be filled in by the parents/legal guardian of the applicant.
Legal Release & Responsibility to Pay for Damage
Legal Release & Responsibility to Pay for Damage

I understand the nature of the CISV Programme noted above and consider my child to be capable of taking part
in it. I understand my child will be participating in content-heavy activities that may include, but are not limited to:
Racism, Equality, Human Rights, and Gender and Social Justice, which can be intense at times. These activities are
facilitated without bias but may bring out strong emotions.

I agree not to make a claim or file a lawsuit against CISV if my child is injured while participating in this CISV
Programme, unless there has been gross negligence on the part of CISV.

My child and I understand that CISV participants are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with
local laws and CISV rules. If my child engages in inappropriate behaviour they may be sent home before the
end of the Programme at CISV’s discretion. I agree to collect my child from the workshop, at anytime at CISV’s discretion,
and to cover costs associated with such trip. I also agree to pay for any damage or injury caused by my child.

Permission to Use of Images, and Art or Written Work
I agree that CISV may use and publish photographs, written work or video created as part of participation in this
CISV Programme for use in the production of educational or promotional materials including web pages and
Facebook Pages. These items may be used and published with the participant’s first name, age
and nationality. Unless my specific parental consent is obtained, participants will not be identified by full name.

By checking the box I agree to:
- Permitting my child to participate in the CISV program;
- Authorizing CISV personnel to provide consent for medical treatment
- Accepting my obligations and the release and conditions / terms noted above;
Name of Parent/Legal Guardian of participant who is providing permissions
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I agree to the above Legal Release
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Membership benefits include a discount on Mini Camps fees, the opportunity to attend an international or national program, the chance to provide input into CISV Saskatoon’s direction, development, and local programming, and the opportunity to join the adult or junior board to help make great things happen!

Memberships are valid from January 1st -December 31 of each year
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