Dial A Student Application Form
To accurately assess whether you qualify to work through us, we require you to fill in this detailed application form.
Be warned: This application is long and requires much information from you.
Treat this like you would treat any job we give you, as you will be appraised by the answers given here.
NOTE: We are currently actively reducing the number of applicants we accept and are looking for honest and realistic answers. We therefore might not respond for quite some time.

BY now you should have logged into our website, and read all about Dial a Student and therefore know what we have to offer. You are intrigued and interested and decide to fill in the on-line application form.

HOWEVER, before you do this please look at our selection criteria as they are intentionally stringent. We only wish to hire the best, so you will need to prove that you are one of the best and this will take some time and effort.


You have to fulfil our minimum requirements in order to sign up with us.

1) You must be a registered student at a tertiary education institute

2) You should have some work experience

3) You must be in possession of a valid RSA ID document

We look at your academic records because our clients want bright and intelligent students. Therefore if your marks are not great you had better impress us with your other answers.

Experience is always an advantage as it shows that you have done something already and we do not need to teach you about the basics of the world of work (dressing correctly, being on time etc…. ) Do not list jobs you have never done before just because you think you can do everything - This is not a wish list and we will check your references.

Your skills are vital for us in order to assess what you are capable of, where we can place you and what else you could do. Never list skills and experiences that you do not have but think you might be able to do. For example how can we send a student to a client to do data capture – if the student cannot type accurately and fast.

Your availability is also important as most jobs are during the week and take place during office hours, if you are not available during the week, and only on weekends it will be highly unlikely that you will be accepted.

Any gaps in your CV will also need to be explained so please ensure that everything is accurately recorded.

WHAT COMES NEXT? How long does it take before you get an answer?

Our recruiters receive your application – together with sometimes up to fifty a day. They assess the information received as soon as possible. However, due to the number of applications posted to us we cannot give you a definite answer as to when your application will be evaluated. It could take up to one week before you receive an e-mail answer from us.

Our recruiters will respond to your application as follows:

IF YOUR APPLICATION IS APPROVED you will receive a request to:

a) contact the writer during a specific time and on specific days for a telephonic interview/screening.

b) Depending on the outcome of the telephonic screening, you will be asked to either attend a face-to-face interview at our offices or join the Stocktaking division. We will ask more in depth questions, ascertain your skill and capabilities, check your records, chat about your ambitions, work experience, social skills, etc. We take many factors into consideration when assessing your application: experience is a bonus, attention to detail, communication skills, availability, confidence, involvement in community projects, leadership skills, and your demeanour during the interview.

c) If you do not meet our stringent requirements, you will be referred asked to join the Stocktakers.

d) If all goes well, you will be invited to attend our induction seminar. Your active participation during the induction is essential and will count in your favour.

e) If you pass the induction, you will receive a welcome letter and you will be given further instructions on how to get jobs from us.

f) If you do not pass the induction you may be asked to join the stocktakers.

IF YOUR APPLICATION IS INCOMPLETE you will be requested to re-apply with the missing information.

IF YOU APPLICATION IS REJECTED because you are not available during the week, or you do not meet our stringent requirements, you will receive an e-mail suggesting that you join our stocktakers. You will have to attend their stocktake training and pass the exam. If you pass you will get a certificate, a Dial a Stocktaker card and become a member of their vibrant stocktaking team.

OUT-OF-TOWN APPLICATIONS (Outside of Johannesburg) are scrutinised and evaluated same as the other applications. The telephonic screening replaces the face-to-face interview and thus takes longer.

SUCCESSFUL OUT-OF-TOWN CANDIDATES receive an e-mail and are requested to fill in the application form, forward a copy of their ID, student card, driver’s licence (if applicable), submit academic records, matric certificate, CV, references and testimonials as well as a motivational letter and a head to shoulder photograph. The documents are carefully assessed and if met with our approval the out-of-town student receives a letter welcoming him or her to the Dial a Student family. They are also reminded to sign up on our facebook page.

UNSUCCESSFUL OUT-OF TOWN CANDIDATES cannot be referred to our stocktake team; however, they do receive a letter informing them that their application was not successful.

WHY DO WE GO TO SUCH LENGTH? Dial a Student has been in operation for more than 27 years. Our clients use us because they know that we screen our students carefully and also try to match the student’s skill with the client’s requirements. Thus our clients can rely on us giving them the best service and the best students suited for the assignment.

Please bear in mind that this process is intentionally long and involved. As you are unlikely to have extensive references on your work ability – you will have to "work" for us before we send you to a client to work for them. This means that we will make you do various things and we will be monitoring you throughout the process. So please see this as your first “job” through us. If you do it well – we can give you more jobs.
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