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Q1. I chose my department consciously. *
Q2. I had an idea about the characteristics and content of the profession previously. *
Q3. My current work is directly or indirectly related to the training I receivein my department. *
Q4. The training of the department provided me with preparation for what Ineed in my current assignment. *
Q5. It also provided me with the competence of comprehension and use of information related to my field. *
Q6. I believe that the education level of the department I graduated issufficient. *
Q7. The training I received in the department met my initial training expectations. *
Q8. It provided the ability to use computers at the level required by the field. *
Q9. During my education, suggestions were made for my professional life and needs in the business world. *
Q10. My advisors in the department helped me to set a plan for my professional life after my training at the Turkish Aeronautical Association.(For example, business or graduate selection) *
Q11. I have learned a foreign language in order to be able to communicatein my field. *
Q12. The skills of reaching and researching information were gained. *
Q13. Opportunities to participate in the decisions on management and education were provided in my department. *
Q14. I think that the education I received in my department of graduation improved my communication skills with people. *
Q15. I think I gained the ability to work in interdisciplinary groups in your education. *
Q16. During my education, I think I gained ethical and professional responsibility *
Q17. To what extent do you think the following opportunities were provided to you during your undergraduate education in your department? *
Q18. Computer facilities were adequate. *
Q19. Laboratory facilities were adequate. *
Q20. The department had enough support to find an internship place. *
Q21. The support of the department for my participation in social activities was sufficient. *
Q22. Opportunities for international cooperations were sufficient. *
Q23. Library facilities were adequate. *
Q24. Entrepreneurial spirit was enough. *
Q25. Looking back, if I had a chance, I would choose the same department again. *
Q26. I can proudly say that I am a graduate of University of Turkish Aeronautical Association *
Q27. I would encourage one of my relatives to study at the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association. *
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