YM Steering Committee Application - Spring 2017
Please fill out this form to apply to become a member of the Young Members Steering Commitee. Please see the following link for the voting policy:
Enter your first and last name exactly as you would like it to appear on the ballot.
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Phone Number
Enter a phone number where the nominating committee can contact you to discuss this application if need be.
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Enter your email address.
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Position - First Choice
Select the Steering Committtee position you are most interested in applying for. If you have no preference or are interested in a position not listed here, select "Other" and write in your choice. See this link for a description of each position: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C5xOPOgqNHso3FKksWv9SbfA5SPa5FVN7HYOqri27nY/edit?usp=sharing
Position - Others
If there are other positions on the committee you would be interested in applying for, select them in the list below.
Why do you want this position (or these positions if you checked additional positions in Position - Others)?
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How can you contribute to the YM Steering Committee through this position (these positions)?
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What qualifies you for this position (these positions)? For example, do you have previous work or volunteer experience that will help you in this position? Do you have previous involvement with Young Members, AMC, Other hiking clubs? Please note specifically any organizations that you are currently a leader for.
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Enter any other comments that you may have.
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