Tinker Thursdays: Creative Ways to Press Lift Buttons!
Hi VIVISTOP Orchard members!

What are some creative ways to press lift buttons without touching them with your fingers? In this workshop, we can discuss our ideas and experiment with making something useful (but fun) that you can use to press lift buttons and hold on to hand rails without getting those nasty germs on you!

We have 3 x slots to fill up for the Hand Sanitizer Holder Workshop to be held on:

Date: 28th May 2020
Time: 130pm - 230pm

1 sheet of A4 paper
Cotton swabs
Sticky tape
Permanent markers
Recycled food packaging (e.g. clean cereal, snack boxes, plastic food packaging bags)

If selected, you will receive a confirmation email upon filling up this form with materials needed for the workshop! Thank you :)
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