Video Feedback Form for 2.4 Momentum and Impulse, 3.1 Thermal Concepts 3.2 Modelling a Gas by S5 2016
Rate the subject videos based on these criteria, which are taken from the Breakthrough Junior Challenge Criteria
Video Author *
Engagement *
Uninteresting: Failed to establish engagement and did not hold viewer’s attention.
Captivating: Captivating and made the viewer want to watch other videos made by the entrant.
Illumination *
Uninformative: Failed to explain the subject matter clearly; video did not help viewer understand subject matter.
Enlightening: Viewer was able to fully understand the explanation, and video provided a deep dive into the intricacies of the subject matter.
Creativity *
Unimaginative: No elements of the video demonstrated a creative approach to explaining the subject matter.
Inventive: Video provided an inventive approach that should be used to teach this subject matter.
Difficulty *
Simple: Subject matter is typically covered at the elementary school level.
Complex: Subject matter is typically covered at the advanced college level or higher.
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