Team Daito Feedback Form
Thanks for reviewing our game, Feed the Queen! Your feedback will improve the game and its mechanics. The game is currently live on Google Play (
In case you haven't seen it yet, here's our demo video.
In your opinion, what was the objective of this project? What do you think we hoped to achieve? *
Example: "This project uses VR to teach firefighters how to safely handle emergency situations."
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How does this project relate to the theme of "Patterns"? *
Example: "This project incorporates an Old West theme that directly relates to the past."
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Were you ever confused during the presentation of this project? If so, where and why? How could it be improved? *
Example: "I thought the user interface was a bit confusing. Maybe add icons to help describe the various functions."
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What is your favorite part of this project? *
Example: "I thought the concept was very clever and you did a good job of incorporating the theme."
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What is *one* area you think needs improvement? (Remember, supply *constructive feedback* with potential solutions.) *
Example: "You could improve the locomotion system by switching to dash teleport. This would give the user a better grounding when they move from place to place."
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What is one thing that could be added to the game to expand it further?
Example: "You could add additional levels or hazards to the game."
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Any other constructive / encouraging / helpful feedback?
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