Asthall Manor Kitchen Garden
Farm stall and Veg Box Questionnaire

Hello there,

We are about to expand our growing of fruit and vegetables, herbs and edible flowers using wildlife-friendly, sustainable and organic methods here at Asthall Manor. We are thinking of selling them through a farm stall and potentially via a vegetable box scheme.

If you live in the area we would really love to know if you would be interested in fresh organic local veg and what kinds you might like. If you have 5 minutes please do fill in this form so we can understand how best to cater for local appetites.

Very many thanks,
Asthall Manor Kitchen Garden
Which of the following are important to you when choosing your fruit and vegetables (Please rate the below from 1 least important to 5 most important)?
Organic/sustainably grown
Locally grown/low food miles
Fresh, in-season produce
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Would you prefer to get your veg via a weekly box scheme or to purchase it via a farm stall?
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If you ticked a) or b) and would like to be added to the list for a future box scheme please add you contact details in the space provided at the end of this form.
How much seasonal veg does your household want each week?
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