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Use this form to register as a mentor for the Civil Service LGBT+ Network's mentoring programme.

Acting as a mentor can help other, less experienced staff get on with their career. It can be a rewarding experience where you learn new skills, and it makes a great corporate contribution.

By signing up to be a mentor we are asking you to:

1. speed mentor up to three mentees for a one-off, 30 minute session
2. choose one of these mentees to work with for up to a year after the initial session

For your speed mentoring sessions, your mentees will take responsibility for organising the meeting date and time with you.

When you have a long term mentee, it will be up to the two of you to decide how often you meet with them and how your relationship develops. We would anticipate you will spend up to an hour a month supporting your mentees.

As part of the programme you can expect that the Civil Service LGBT+ Network will:

1. match you to some speed mentees who are one or two grades more junior to you
2. offer you an optional, short training session for mentors
3. send you guidance and resources on how to maximise your role as a mentor
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