Childcare Request Form for The Mazals 2019
Please note that childcare will be on a first-come, first-serve basis and unless you receive email confirmation from us that you have a space, we cannot guarantee your spot. At this point we would like to be able to provide child-care for all ages, but we may have to make decisions around that once we see what the needs are.

We will have a designated space for childcare at El Museo del Barrio and JFREJ will have two childcare providers through Beyondcare Coop on site from 5:30 to 9;30pm. Please pick up your child by 9:30.

Please also answer the following questions to secure your spot and make sure we are best equipped to make sure your kids have a good time! If you have childcare questions email
What is the full name of the responsible adult who belongs to each child *
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What is the cell phone # of the responsible adult? *
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What is the email of that same adult? *
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Please give us an emergency name and contact in addition! *
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I affirm that I understand that I need to pick up BY 9:30 pm on the night of the December 19th! *
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Please list the names, ages, and gender pronouns for all kids you want us to keep track of *
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Please let us know about any food allergies, medications, or medical conditions that we need to be aware of, with the name of the corresponding kid!
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Do you have other notes to make sure you and your kids people have the best possible time?
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Childcare Room at El Museo
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