2017 WHSAA Football Coaches Rule Exam
NOTE: In the exam situations, A—refers to the offensive team and B—refers to their opponents the defensive team. K—refers to the kicking team and R—refers to the receiving team. A1, B1, K1 and R1 are players of these teams. If team possession changes during the down, each team retains its identity. In kicking situations, it is not during a try and no fair-catch signal has been given unless specified. Unless stated, acts occur while: the ball is inbounds; a forward pass is legal; any out-of-bounds is between the goal lines. Line means scrimmage line. Reference to a foul is to a player foul which is not unsportsmanlike. There is no foul or change of possession, unless it is mentioned, and penalties are considered accepted for enforcement.
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1. Completely clear or completely white tooth and mouth protectors are legal. *
2. The NFHS disapproves of any form of taunting that is intended or designed to embarrass, ridicule or demean others under any circumstances. *
3. Football gloves are required to meet either the new SFIA specification or the existing NOCSAE standard at the time of manufacture. *
4. Face tackling is an act by any player who initiates contact against an opponent at the shoulders or below with the crown (top portion) of his helmet. *
5. The referee shall have the authority to correct the number of the next down prior to the ball becoming live after a new series of downs is awarded and prior to the declaration of the end of any period. *
6. Illegal helmet contact may not be judged a flagrant act by the game official. *
7. No player or nonplayer shall make any other contact with an opponent, including a defenseless player, which is deemed unnecessary or excessive and which incites roughness. *
8. The ball becomes dead and the down is ended when a prosthetic limb comes completely off the runner. *
9. A fumble is the touching of a loose ball by a player in an unsuccessful attempt to secure possession. *
10. When the ball is loose following an illegal kick, it does not retain the same status as prior to the illegal kick. *
11. A forward pass has gone beyond the neutral zone if at any time during the pass, some part of the ball is beyond the neutral zone. *
12. Blocking is obstructing an opponent by contacting him with any part of the blocker’s body. *
13. Clipping in the free-blocking zone is illegal. *
14. It is a foul for non-contact face guarding on a forward pass. *
15. At the time the ball is kicked, at least four K players must be on each side of the kicker. *
16. By state association adoption, to allow for special occasions, commemorative or memorial patches, not to exceed 4 square inches, may be worn on the uniform without compromising its integrity. *
17. An unofficial auxiliary down indicator may be used, but it must be operated approximately 2 yards outside the sideline (except in stadiums where the total playing enclosure does not permit) opposite the official line-to-gain and down indicators. *
18. A drop kick or place kick may be used following a safety. *
19. Ball-colored helmets are legal player equipment. *
20. A down is action which starts with a legal snap or a free kick and ends when the ball next becomes dead. *
21. Defensive players are restricted from contacting the ball or the snapper's hand(s) or arm(s) until the snapper has released the ball. *
22. A back may not wear a jersey with a number 50 through 79. *
23. A player in the act of or just after throwing a pass, is not considered a defenseless player. *
24. Illegal participation fouls by the receiving team occurring during the kick are now enforced under post-scrimmage kick fouls. *
25. A period shall not be extended by an untimed down if, during a down in which time expires, a foul occurs for which enforcement, by rule, results in a safety. *
26. If a double foul occurs during a down in which time expires, the period is ended. *
27. The period shall be extended if, during a down in which time expires, B1 commits an unsportsmanlike foul and the penalty is accepted. *
28. Giving an invalid fair-catch signal carries a 15-yard penalty. *
29. A pop-up kick is a free kick in which the kicker drives the ball immediately into the ground, the ball strikes the ground once and goes into the air in the manner of a ball kicked directly off the tee. *
30. Only one receiver may give a signal for a fair catch while any legal kick is in flight. *
31. If a low scrimmage kick is touched by R1 in the neutral zone, kick-catching interference restrictions have ended and no fair catch can be made. *
32. When a penalty is accepted with less than two minutes remaining in either half, the offended team will have the option to start the game clock on the snap. *
33. It is a field goal even if part of the ball passes through the line of the upright extended. *
34. No player or nonplayer shall execute a blindside block outside of the free-blocking zone with forceful contact unless initiated with open hands. *
35. If K1’s field-goal attempt deflects off K2’s shoulder while he is in the expanded neutral zone, no goal is scored even if the ball passes between the uprights and above the crossbar. *
36. A backward pass is a pass thrown with its initial direction parallel with or toward the runner’s end line. *
37. If runner A1, who is beyond the neutral zone, tosses the ball forward, he has thrown an illegal forward pass. *
38. A pass thrown backward out of bounds to stop the clock is an illegal pass. *
39. A backward pass out of bounds is an illegal pass. *
40. A multiple foul is one or more live-ball fouls by each team resulting in offsetting penalties. *
41. Grasping the tooth and mouth protector attached to the face mask is not a foul. *
42. A foul is a result imposed by rule against a team or team member that has committed a penalty. *
43. An attempt by B to interfere with A’s signals prior to the snap is a live-ball foul. *
44. Penalties for dead-ball fouls are enforced separately and in the order in which they occurred. *
45. A player may be withdrawn and re-entered legally during the same dead-ball interval if the period ends during the dead-ball interval. *
46. A free kick which goes out of bounds belongs to the kicking team. *
47. If K1 is first to touch a free kick between the free-kick lines, such touching is ignored. *
48. After a safety, unless moved by a penalty, R’s free-kick line is K’s 30-yard line. *
49. A free kick may be made after a fair catch. *
50. A kick ends as soon as R1 touches the kick. *
51. A dead ball may become live only by a legal snap or free kick. *
52. Free-kick lines are always 10 yards apart. *
53. Illegal participation can be a nonplayer foul. *
54. The clock shall start with the snap, if the clock was stopped because of an inadvertent whistle. *
55. If end A1 voluntarily goes out of bounds and immediately returns during the down, it is illegal participation. *
56. All fouls by A during the down are enforced from the basic spot. *
57. Following a change of possession, if an inadvertent whistle is sounded, the down must be replayed. *
58. A coach who has been disqualified may not have further direct or indirect contact with his/her team during the remainder of the game. *
59. Enforcement provisions apply to all player fouls. *
60. Helping the runner carries a 15-yard penalty. *
61. If touching causes the ball to become dead, securing possession of the ball has no significance. *
62. A scrimmage kick recovered in or behind the neutral zone may not be advanced by K or R. *
63. It is not a foul if A1 immediately returns to the field and makes a block after being blocked or pushed out of bounds by B1. *
64. Replaced players shall begin to leave the field within three seconds. *
65. If there is an inadvertent whistle during a forward pass, but prior to the whistle A commits pass interference, the down is replayed if the penalty is accepted. *
66. A ball without any stripes is legal for use if both coaches agree to use it. *
67. A false start is always a dead-ball foul. *
68. It is recommended that goal lines be marked in a color that contrasts with other field markings. *
69. The referee is the final judge as to the legality of the ball. *
70. The pylon when properly placed on the goal line is out of bounds at the intersection of the sideline and goal-line extended. *
71. If K’s blocked punt strikes the ground and is then forced into K’s end zone by R2 and recovered there by R3, it is a touchback. *
72. On kicks entering R’s end zone, the determination of force dictates whether it is a touchback or a safety. *
73. Possession of a live ball in the opponent's end zone is always a safety. *
74. It is a safety if A1 retreats into A’s end zone and fumbles the ball beyond the end line. *
75. A scrimmage kick recovered in or behind the neutral zone may be advanced by K or R, unless it is during a try. *
76. Effective 2021, the jerseys of the home team shall be a dark color that clearly contrasts to white. *
77. An official’s time-out can be called for unusual heat or humidity situations. *
78. A clock will start with the ready-for-play following a television time-out. *
79. After the ball becomes dead and it appears that the ball may have reached the line-to-gain, the covering official shall stop the clock. *
80. After the ball goes out of bounds, the clock always starts with the ready-for-play. *
81. Member state associations may determine the game official who is to accompany the referee during the required pre-game meeting with each head coach. *
82. A signal to end a period shall be sounded when time expires (clock indicates 0:00) during the down. *
83. If a free kick is repeated due to a foul, the clock shall start when the free kick is touched, other than first touching by K. *
84. The batting of a pass, kick or fumble in flight is not considered a new force for judging whether a touchback or safety results. *
85. A football jersey must completely cover the shoulder pads and all pads worn above the waist on the torso. *
86. When a try is replayed, the snap may be from any point between the hash marks on the yard line through the spot of the ball. *
87. It is a touchdown for A when a live ball in A1’s possession breaks the vertical plane of B’s goal line. *
88. It is a touchdown for A if A1 fumbles into B’s end zone and A2 is the last to touch the ball prior to its going out of bounds beyond the end line. *
89. If a touchdown is scored during the last down of the fourth period, the try shall not be attempted unless the point(s) would affect the outcome of the game or playoff qualifying. *
90. First touching applies to K only. *
91. The top of the crossbar on the goal post shall be ____________ above the ground, measured from the base of each upright to the top of the crossbar at the intersection, or at each end of the crossbar perpendicular to the ground when a single pedestal is used. *
92. A block against an opponent, other than the runner, who does not see the blocker approaching is: *
93. After a team has used its permissible charged time-outs for the half, any subsequent request shall be denied unless it is for: *
94. The ball may contain only the following permissible items: *
95. Following a foul, a series of downs ends when: *
96. K’s free-kick line after a safety and no penalty is the _________________. *
97. The penalty for a forward pass, batted, muffed or caught by an ineligible A player who is behind, in or beyond the neutral zone is ________________________. *
98. A defensive player shall not: *
99. The enforcement spot for any foul by the defense is the ________________ when the run ends in the end zone and would result in a safety. *
100. No player or nonplayer shall: *
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