CNH Key Club Officers
Each Key Club in the California-Nevada-Hawaii Key Club District needs to submit club officer information to the Key Club District Secretary. This information is compiled and then shared with each of the Lt. Governors serving the CNH District.

Submission of this information online is completion of the annual Elections Report.

Your local Lt. Governor may request additional positions and information to complete a directory for divisional purposes.

Thank you for completing this task.
Key Club Term *
Division *
Region *
Key Club Name *
Please provide the actual location name only. Exclude the use of "Key Club of" as a front title or "Key Club" or "High School" as back titles. (e.g. Franklin; NOT Franklin High School or Franklin Key Club) Please keep it simple.
Key Club Number *
The club number starts with the letter "H"
New Report or Need to Change? *
New Report = Each year you are submitting a NEW REPORT. This is providing general club information as well as the advisors and officers for the "New" term. Change = These are updates to a previously filed report for the SAME TERM. If there is a replacement or informational change, you are completing a CHANGE or update to your report that you have already filed for THIS TERM.
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