Not All Himbos Wear Capes - Signed Paperback (plus swag + 5x7" art prints) **CURRENTLY CLOSED** (Join Patreon for year-round access)
Thank you for your interest in ordering a signed paperback of Not All Himbos Wear Capes by C. Rochelle! 

NOTE for Patreon: If you would like access to signed copies of C.'s back catalog year-round (with swag included and 20% off art prints), please join her Patreon at any level. Va Ju-Ju Queens & above get a signed new release + swag as part of their benefits. Join here:


Please read the information below carefully, as shipping, etc is different for U.S. vs. international.

You have the option to add Himbos/author swag to your order, in the form of stickers, bookmarks, etc. Swag is included FREE for Patreon subscribers (if you choose to receive it), and is a $2 add-on for non-patrons (we will check if you're a Patron).

You may also choose to add on 5x7" art print(s). These will ship WITH the book. If you would like to order JUST art prints - from Himbos or Herculeia (or prints at the larger size - 8.5x11"), go here:

Please specify quantities underneath the book and/or art print.


Print available: 
• NEW! Butch & Xander super bulges drawn by

(Note: This one is more S/NSFW than my Herculeia prints - think VERY detailed bulges still covered by supersuits - but I could be convinced to also commission more scandalous scenes for our boys...)

PRICE (Psst... Patreon members get an exclusive 20% off print orders - join here: )

5x7 inches - $10.00 USD (+shipping: $1.50 US / $2.00 Canada / $3.00 UK / $4.00 Australia)

(If you want the full 8.5x11 inches - and/or Herculeia prints - go here:

**Art will be UNcensored upon delivery, don't worry!**


Just looking for signed bookplates (stickers that go inside existing paperbacks)? Go here:

And check out all my bookish merch at my Etsy store:



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If you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact C./Corinne at


SHIPPING (Rates current as of 8/12/22) & INSTRUCTIONS

**Please note: If you are adding on 5x7 art print/s, they will be tucked inside the book/s. Art will be UNcensored upon delivery, don't worry!**

U.S. Domestic
Please send payment through PayPal to and note your transaction # below. Specify quantity in the section under each book.  If you do not have PayPal, C can send an invoice to the email address you provided, but please only do this if you do NOT have an account (and please for the love of gawd, PAY YOUR INVOICE so I don't have to chase you on top of taking the time to create the invoice)

Book/s + print/s: $5.00 shipping/individual book

Please fill out the form and leave the PayPal section blank. Your total + shipping will be calculated & emailed to you via PayPal invoice. PLEASE NOTE: These are estimates. Your invoice will show the final amount.

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