Interested in the Goby turbine?
Thank you a lot for expressing your interest in our new Goby turbine! Just like our Vortex turbine we designed this solution to be a robust and ecofriendly. It will power your home or business for years to come, with a minimum of maintenance. I'll shortly introduce you to this turbine and ask you a few questions that can help us during the development to make it even better for you!
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Why is it called the Goby turbine? *
We call it the Goby turbine because we were inspired by the Rock climbing Goby fish that sucks itself to waterfalls to reach upstream spawning grounds. Just like the fish, this turbine can be easily installed on an existing water fall/sluice gate/sudden drop. The installation consist of installing a metal frame that contains the turbine with 4 bolts to your existing structure. Sound simple, right?
Rock climbing Goby
What kind of height difference do you have?
Please write down only the number (in meter). Measure the difference between the upstream and downstream water level.
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Here's an animation that shows you how to measure your flow, be sure to change the cubic feet per second to L/s by multiplying by 28.3
What kind of flow do you have?
Please write down only the number (in Liters/second)
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We made the turbine simple in its design and submersible for short periods of time (such as floods)
As you can see, if your river floods this turbine will survive. How much space do you have to install this turbine?
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Instead of having to clean it, we designed this turbine to simply lift itself up and flush its inlet
No need to clean it. It will do that by itself. Does your river contain a lot of trash? What kind? Sticks? Plastic?
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What do you think about this design? Will it fit in your environment? Should we offer another color?
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Would you be able to install it yourself if we ship it to you as a plug and play unit?
All electrics included inside and you just have to plug it into your house grid. The turbine will weigh around 120kg, so you'll need a helping hand. Would you do it yourself?
Why not? Can we give you more information such as a manual? Or do you find the prospect of installation difficult?
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What do you think about the price? *
We think we can price this at EUR5000/kW when below 5kW and EUR4000 from 5 to 15kW and EUR3100 for above. If higher than 55kW, we provide custom prices. That should be profitable within a 5 year period. Does that sound reasonable to you? For a total price, you can multiply your flow x height difference x 5.86. This is your potential power output. Multiply that by 7000 X (your electricity cost/kWh) and you get your yearly profits (should be in the thousands, otherwise check your calculations).
If not, what would you find a reasonable price?
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What should we do to improve the design?
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Thank you a lot for helping us improve this product!
With your input, we'll be able to design you a turbine that perfectly fits your needs.
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