I’m Backing the COVID-19 Rent Strike!

Students in University of London halls are being forced to clear out to avoid being charged third term rent.

Many of us returned home as soon as possible following closure as advised by our universities. Now we're stuck in the UK or abroad, faced with a dilemma: break the law to travel back to London and move out, or pay thousands for a room we’re not using.

Many students rely on their London jobs to pay for accommodation, and others are funded by parents whose income is now insecure. The Coronavirus Act 2020 was designed to protect the health of millions of vulnerable people, and forbids all non-vital travel. Moving out is not vital travel.If you think UoL’s blatant disregard for public health is appalling, you’re not alone! Join your fellow students in demanding a moratorium on rent for the third term.

Liberate the University

If you live in private halls, the following open letter targets private providers: http://bit.ly/3bLaBIB
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