Canada New Grad Offer Survey 2017
This form is exclusively for new grad roles located in Canada. Since this is the first time this survey is being run, the survey includes offers received in both 2016 and 2017. If this survey is well-received, it will be continued for 2018.

The goal of this survey is to collect a large data set to provide transparency of Canadian tech compensation packages. The results will hopefully better inform students interviewing and negotiating their offers. It will also provide a high level overview of the compensation difference between Canada and the US.

Contact me at for any questions or concerns.

Please fill out this form for ONE offer detail only. If you have multiple offers, please reload the form after submitting each individual offer.

Please do not enter any confidential data that you would be uncomfortable sharing with the public.

As of Jan 1 9:00PM, 160+ responses have been submitted. Survey results and analysis will be shared on Jan 5 at
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When did you receive your offer? *
What school did you attend? *
What's your major?
Gender *
Company Name *
Please name the company, as it would help make the data easier to analyze. *If not possible, please include the relative size of company, stage of funding (Seed, Series B, Public) and industry space (FinTech, Security, Ads) they are in.
Location *
Position Title *
i.e. software engineer, product manager, UX designer...
Return offer *
Did you previously intern at the company?
Base salary (in CAD) *
Enter the numeric number only. Specify the frequency in the next question. ONLY include your base salary, and exclude any bonuses/stipends/etc.
Base salary rate *
Signing bonus *
Please include all one-off bonuses/benefits. IE signing bonus, relocation allowance etc. Please specify in numeric form. Enter 0 if none.
Stock and/or recurring bonuses *
Any company ownership/ Stock offers. i.e. 50K over 4 years. Enter 0 if none.
Stock vesting schedule details
What are the terms on the stock vesting schedule? I.e. 4 years vesting schedule with 1 year cliff.
Paid vacation days
Please enter in number of days. 1 week = 5 days, 2 weeks = 10 days. If unlimited, please enter unlimited.
Additional benefits
I.e. insurance policies, free food, gym, etc.
Negotiation *
Were you able to successfully increase your base salary through negotiation?
Negotiation effects
If applicable, what differences did the negotiation yield? i.e. +$5,000 base salary, $10,000 signing bonus
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