Suggest a new PhD in O.R. in Italy
Use this form to add a PhD course in Operational Research, at an Italian University.
O.R. curricula are commonly found as part of PhD courses in mathematics, engineering, and computer science.
Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for recent Master's graduates to find their bearings in this PhD jungle!
With this form, you help us create a comprehensive list of all Italian PhD courses, where it's possible to develop O.R.-related research projects.
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University *
The university where the PhD Course is held. Example: "University of Bologna".
Department, Faculty, or School
The department, faculty or school, that organises the PhD Course and collects applications. Example: "School of engineering", or "Department of Mathematics".
If the PhD Course has its own website, write it here. If this is not the case, a description in the web page of the School or Department is also acceptable.
What is the official title of the PhD Course, e.g. the one to use for the application? Example: "Automation and Operational Research".
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