GPS Volunteer sign up - Art-A-Whirl
This form is for volunteers to help with this year's Art-A-Whirl from May 18-20. We'll start set-up late Thursday May 19, finish set up Friday, staff the event Friday through Sunday, and tear down on Sunday.

- Brute Squad: We need people to rearrange furniture and move grid walls for vendors and displays. This will be Thursday from about 5pm to 10pm.

- Merchandise/info desk: We will have some tables set up with our merchandise and information (flyers, rack cards, etc.). Staff needed to cover Friday 5pm to 10pm, Saturday noon to 8pm (2 shifts), and Sunday noon to 5pm.

- Greeters: We need folks to welcome people into our space, maybe give a little tour, and be able to tell our story. This is a major opportunity to raise awareness in the general community that we are here and we have lots going on, so volunteers should be comfortable interacting with the public. We need at least 2 on throughout the shifts, more is better. Staff needed to cover Friday 5pm to 10pm, Saturday noon to 8pm (2 shifts), and Sunday noon to 5pm.

- Wandering Hosts: Volunteers who wander through the Waterbury Building Friday evening and Saturday, giving directions, helping pick up stray garbage, and herding any inebriated art aficionados out at the end of the day. Mainly Friday 5pm to 10pm and Saturday noon to 8pm. Sunday is optional as it is a lighter day.

- Kids Programming: We'll be doing something from noon to 3 on Saturday and Sunday, headed by Crafty Geek. This will be a simple project kids can make and take with them. Need at least 2 people to cover each shift. Sign up here or email

- Brute Squad the sequel: Same thing, opposite direction. Sunday 5pm until?

Please indicate your interest and availability with this form. If you have questions pleas email

We have a lot of work to do, so please help if you can, and feel free to share this link with people you know who may want to help. Thanks!

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