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What are we looking for with these sessions? First, it's helpful to know that they will appear on the agenda near the end of the second day, which is going to be really fun, but intense. Here are a few ideas:

While you’re filling out the Claim My Challenges Survey you realize that your team has already solved a challenge that other attendees might be considering. Tell us about it!

Read something wonderful lately? How about a book report or, in the spirit of collaboration, a book club to invite others to talk about their take on a book you identify?

Show and Tell was always the best part of elementary school, right? Have you been somewhere interesting and have photos and videos and a story to share? Bring it! Has your team made something really cool? Show us!

Geek out with some cool tips and tricks to look at performance data, set up templates, or anything that you know how to do that someone might delight in learning.

Create a moment. Lead a meditation, yoga class, or sing-along. Give us a break from all of the intense, amazing conversations and a few minutes to refresh our brains and perspectives.

We are really open to your creativity with this opportunity. Don't hold back! We can help you curate your submission or connect it directly with others to maximize impact.
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