Natural Capital Protocol Official Endorsement Statement - Signatory Sheet
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Natural Capital Protocol Endorsement Statement:

People and organizations around the world recognize the critical importance of nature as the foundation of thriving societies and prosperous economies.

To understand what this means to us we use the term natural capital, which is the stock of natural resources on earth, such as plants, animals, air, water, soils and minerals, that combine to yield a flow of benefits or ‘services’ to people.

The vision of the Natural Capital Coalition is a world where business conserves and enhances this natural capital.

The Natural Capital Protocol helps us to achieve this vision by harmonizing existing work into a standardized framework to identify, measure and value our impacts and dependencies on natural capital. The Protocol is designed to help business generate trusted, credible and actionable information that can inform decision-making in a way that is beneficial to business, society and the environment.

We, the undersigned, endorse the Natural Capital Protocol and support its ambition of making the value of nature more visible in business decision making.

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Note: Individuals who sign this endorsement statement do so in their own capacity and they will not necessarily reflect the views of the organization the signatory represents.

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