40.000 Subs Treasure Hunt GiveAWay
Thank you all for Subscribing and watching my videos. This Treasure Hunt GiveAWay, that I am making here, is to show my thankfulness and appreciation. For your all, that has helped me get this fare!! It's so Awesome and I am so grateful. Thank You!!

This is the Sixth time I am making a "Subscriber Treasure Hunt GiveAWay" 1.000, 2.000, 5.000, 10.000 and 20.000 was the first :-)
But it's only the third time I want the answers here in Google Forms,,, the 5.000 GiveAWay was quite a lot of work to keep track of. :-) (In the 5K giveaway old, long deleted stuff from the 1K and 2K popped up,, only 40K codes will work!)

Your YouTube Name: *
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Email: *
If you win, I'd need to contact you :-)
Question 1: What was the wrong link pointing to?
Question 2: What was the prices of that server? ("." not ",")
Question 3: The secret password was?
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