Camille House Android Test User Application
Thank you for your interest in Camille House.

Camille House lets you build and play in your own Virtual Worlds. Currently in alpha testing for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. For mobile phones,  you can even enjoy Camille House in Augmented Reality (AR) mode, where you can browse around the houses you have built in your living room.  If you are not ready to build your own, don't worry. It comes with many sample houses you can play with!

To try Camille House with Android devices like Galaxy, Pixel or Galaxy Tabloid, provide us the google play store  ID email which is associated with the device you want to use. Having the correct email is very important since that is how we identify our test users to successfully install Camille House. (*) We don't sell or expose your email.

Please bear in mind that the test slots are limited. We will invite you based on the availability of the test seats.
After you fill out this email, we will be in a queue to be our test users. When a test slot opens, we will send you  a link where you can download the app. This process may take a few days or more.

Join us at discord to be tuned with the latest news,
to chat with our developer team,
and to win a chance of early access free tests!

Hope you enjoy!

For Android devices, fill out the the email which is associated with your device.  (*) We don't sell or expose your email.
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