Dean's Council Request for Funding
NOTE: In order to receive funding from Dean's Council, you must post your event on the Pritzker calendar:
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Organization & Contacts
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If multiple organizations, please list all here and specify how you want to divide up the money
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NOTE: For food/restaurant purchases, This CANNOT exceed $7/person
I have posted my event on the Pritzker Online Calendar and it does not conflict with another major event at the requested day/time (link at top of form). *
I understand that Dean's Council will NOT pay for any items NOT approved at the meeting. In addition, any proposed changes to the budget after its submission must be approved by the Dean's Council Treasurer. I understand that Dean's Council will not pay for tax since student groups are eligible to use the University's Tax Exempt Status. Furthermore, I will make an attempt to utilize funding from other sources when possible (RSO, national or departmental organizations, etc.). *
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