Penta Direct Debit
Hi everyone! We're planning to launch our Direct Debit service - so you can charge your customers - in the next few months!

We will first test this in a beta period - sign up after filling out this form!

Thank you for your help!

Your Penta team

How important is the Direct Debit service to you?
If you currently use Direct Debit with your bank, are you required to hold any form of security (e.g. deposit, credit line)?
Would you be happy to put down a security deposit up to 10% of the total amount you wish to collect in Direct Debits each month?
If yes, what do you need to do? (e.g. deposit, credit line)?
Your answer
How do you need to set up Direct Debits?
Can you tell us a bit more about how you currently set up Direct Debits? Or how you expect to set up Direct Debits if you haven't already started?
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I collect money from:
I expect the total volume that I collect each month to be:
How much does your total volume increase or decrease per month?
How much does the individual amount that you collect from each customer change each month?
How many Direct Debits will you expect to draw each month?
How much do you currently pay to collect Direct Debits with your bank?
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Please leave your email if you’d be interested in getting early access to Direct Debits via Penta.
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