TGK Commissions
Do you love The Grey Knights work but feel a bit shy to contact him directly?
Are you interested in ordering a custom audio made just for you?
Or maybe you want to take the step and order a phone session where your fantasies become true?
Then this form is designed to help you get the most important information down, and to dare to finally take that step.

All the information you submit is for Jacks eyes only and treated with discretion. It's normal to be nervous about revealing your fantasies and desires so remember that Jack has heard it all many times before, there is no need to be shy. He needs the input from you to be able to tailor the work to your satisfaction.

This form is only a show of interest, you don't order anything at this point. Jack will get back to you and confirm that it is received. Then he will gently and safely answer any questions or concerns that you have. If you feel comfortable you can then go ahead and finalize an order.

Thank you for being brave!
Do you have a special name that you want to be called? (Kitten, Babygirl, Princess, your name etc...) What is that special name? *
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What are you interested in ordering? *
How long would you estimate the audio / session to be? *
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What are your favorite TGK audios so far?
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Please describe your fantasies and desires for your custom audio commission or session. *
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Please give contact information here (email or discord) so that TGK can get back to you. Thank you again for being brave! *
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