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About Reflecting on Practice
Reflecting on Practice is a professional learning program that immerses novice and experienced informal educators in discussions about, reflections on, and applications of research and theory in learning and teaching. There are three primary objectives for the program:

1. Build shared language and understanding through delving into the literature on learning and teaching;
2. Engage in habits of reflections through observing their own teaching, as a means to develop their practice;
3. Nurture a tradition of continued professional learning to build a professional learning community within an institution.

Visit our website for more information:

About the Coaching Workshop
The Coaching Workshop is designed for managers, coordinators or department leaders who want to implement Reflecting on Practice for educators (staff or volunteers) at their own institution. It is highly recommended that two or more leaders from an institution participate in the workshop. As with all RoP Coaching Workshops, participants will:

1. learn about the latest research on learning and teaching;
2. become familiar with the philosophy and design of the Reflecting on Practice program
3. experience several of the activities and discussions from the program;
4. connect with other RoP Facilitators from around the country.

For the Blended version of the Coaching Workshop, we meet in-person for one day and get to know others from across the field, then continue to meet and learn online for four meetings over the subsequent 3-4 months.

Visit our website for listing of Coaching Workshops that are entirely in-person:

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After the in-person workshop, we will have 4 online meetings and other reflection tasks. We will use video conferencing and a learning management platform for this part. Participation requires Internet connectivity and device to access the platform and collect video of your practice. Will you have problems with equipment and/or connectivity that might limit your participation? Please elaborate. *
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