Questionnaire for the UK youth travel market regarding their motivations for backpacking and the factors that can affect these

I am a final year student studying Tourism Management at Bournemouth University and as part of my degree I have to complete a dissertation. The topic I have chosen to investigate is what motivates the UK Youth Travel market to participate in backpacking and how different factors affect these motivations
I would be extremely grateful if you could spend a few minutes filling the following questionnaire out to help me with my studies. All responses will remain anonymous. Thank you for your time and help.
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    This is a required question
    To experience different lifestyles and cultures
    For the sunshine and beaches
    To relax with my friends
    To escape from the stress of day to day life
    To experience casual sexual encounters
    To pursue different activities which can’t be done at home
    To be with others who enjoy backpacking as much as me
    To explore new or unknown places
    To experience socialising and parties in different cultures
    To meet and interact with new people
    To drink with friends and new friends
    To satisfy my curiosity about parts of the world I have never been too
    To have a holiday fling
    To visit places my friends and family have never been
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    Online forums, E.g., Thorn Tree and Lonely Planet
    Online reviews on hostels, hotels, activities etc
    Online blogs and photos of fellow backpackers
    Social networking sites. E.g., Facebook, Twitter
    Word of mouth from backpackers you had met
    Please enter one response per row
    Interacted with the local people
    Did not experience the culture and lifestyles of the host community
    Spent a lot of time in internet cafe’s
    Had a sexual encounter
    Mostly interacted with people of the same background as me
    Consumed a lot of alcohol on a regular basis
    Worked (either volunteer or paid)
    Did not experience any untouched or unknown places
    Spent the majority of my time taking part in various activities which I wouldn’t do at home
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    Visiting somewhere I have never been before
    Visiting friends or family
    Relaxation (near a beach)
    Taking part in activities I haven’t done before
    Somewhere with lots of clubs and bars
    Learning about a different culture and lifestyle
    Somewhere I can escape the stress of day to day life.
    Somewhere I can find my inner self
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    General Information

    The questions in the section provide an overview of who you are
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    Thank you very much for completing this questionnaire. If you have any questions regarding this survey please email be at