2019 Camp OFLA HS Counselor Application
Thank you for your interest in sharing your love of languages and the outdoors with our campers. We ask that you complete this Google form along with uploading an "introduction video" below.

The application is due February 15. Camp OFLA staff will review applications and respond with a decision by March 1.

For more information, please visit www.campofla.org or email campofla@gmail.com. Thanks!

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Your Language Background
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In which language other than English do you have the most proficiency?
Level Completed in this First World Language *
How many years (including this one) have you studied the language? (If this is a language you learned at home or in a nontraditional way, indicate that in "other".)
World Language Teacher's Name *
His/Her School Email *
Most Recent Grade in this Class *
Other World Languages *
In which other languages do you have some proficiency ?
Record and upload a 60-90-second video of you introducing yourself in your second language (Arabic, Chinese, French, etc). Introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself including your favorite things, for example, movies, food, your family, etc. (If you are selected, and with parent permission, we would like to include this video on our website for interested campers to get to meet this summer's camp counselors.) *
Related Skills
Have you previously been a camp counselor? *
Briefly note some skills that you would bring to camp. *
For example, are you CPR certified? Are you a lifeguard? Do you coach a kids sports team? Do you tutor kids? Are you teach dance? Etc.
May we contact your language teacher listed above? *
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Relationship to You *
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Parent Consent
If you are not already 18 years old, you will need permission from your parent(s) or guardian(s) to participate in camp this summer.
Will you be 18 years of age before camp? *
If not, have you spoken with your parents about Camp OFLA? Do they support your participation in Camp OFLA? *
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