IGNITE 2020 Leadership Program
The IGNITE Leadership Program is an opportunity for underclassmen to become involved in Dance Marathon right away and grow their leadership skills. IGNITE is an exploratory program that gives members a “behind the scenes” look of how DM operates by learning about the different committees and working closely with Staff and Morale throughout the year. Members will have the opportunity to shadow DM committees, go on hospital tours at Prisma Health, interact with Miracle families, and more. Also, members will be given the chance to bond and get to know other members of ignite/staff and morale. This is a step further than just being a hero and is a gateway to joining Morale or Staff next year!

If you have any questions please email the Ignite Director, Sara Callahan, at sodmdr@mailbox.sc.edu. Interviews will take place from October 1st-6th. Those invited to an interview will receive an email about signing up for a time slot after applications close. Applications will close Sunday, September 29th at 11:59pm.
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