Ingatestone and Fryerning Parish Council: Resident Questionnaire 
Answering these questions will help us establish the needs of Ingatestone and Fryerning as a community, so the Parish Council knows what you want us to support and work towards in the future.

If you would like to to learn more about IFPC, please visit our website.

Please complete this questionnaire by 27 June.
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Postcode of residence: 

How many people are you filling this form for? 

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Do you work from home? 

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If yes, how many days a week? 

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Brentwood Borough Council, as the Local Planning Authority, is required to have a Local Development Plan – a key component is to formulate plans to build approximately 456 dwellings a year across the Borough. This figure is arrived at using population and household projections.
  •  Planning permission was granted in 2021-22 for CALA Homes to construct 57 dwellings on what was green belt land next to the A12, starting in 2023.
  • The Redrow development of 110 dwellings on the former Ingatestone Garden Centre is under construction.
  • Planning permission has been granted for Hallmark Care to build a 70-bed care home, offices and a training centre near these two housing developments.
  • The Parish Council produced a Neighbourhood Plan in 2022 which must be taken into account when Brentwood planners agree further developments enabling us to consult with the community and influence the design of any scheme, including the types and mix of affordable housing.
  • In the future, it is likely that Brentwood will be identifying further suitable sites for more development, around Ingatestone, and we need to have your views on this.

Would you support further homes being built?

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If further homes were to be built, what type of housing would you prefer?


Although roads are the responsibility of Essex County Council, residents regularly raise issues such as pot holes and blocked drains with the Parish Council. We are keen to get residents' views on roads and pavements. Previous surveys highlighted concerns regarding the speed of traffic, so the 20mph zone has been created. We want to encourage walking and cycling, and some of the questions will help us in developing safer routes through the parish.

Do you use the 351 bus service? If so, how often? 

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If not, why? 
Would you benefit from an improved bus service? 
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Are there any locations not served by public transport that you find essential? If so, please name them:

Would you benefit from a local mini-bus service? 

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If yes, which locations would be a priority?

How often do you travel by train?

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Would you support a Brentwood borough-led service for potholes and minor repair, as opposed to the current arrangement? 

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Does anyone in your household own a bicycle or an electric bike?

If you own a bicycle or an electric bike, how regularly do you use it?

If you have children, do they regularly cycle to school and/or ride locally?

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What would encourage you to travel by bicycle more often? 

Do you walk regularly around the parish? Check the list of local walks and places of interest.

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What would encourage you to walk more?

The parish has limited recreational land. Seymour Field & Pavilion are leased by the Parish Council from Brentwood Council. We initiated major improvements to the pavilion and are about to start substantial pitch improvements. Fairfield Recreation Ground and the Stock Lane Allotment site are leased by the Parish Council from the Lord Petre estate. Ingatestone & Fryerning Cricket Club have a license enabling them to be primary users of Fairfield between April and September. The Parish has many footpaths, bridleways and public open space enabling residents to enjoy the countryside. Brentwood is responsible for amenity greens.

Do you (or other members of your household) use any of the local public spaces? Please select all applicable answers:

If yes, how often?
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If yes, for what purpose do you use them? Please select all suitable answers:

Do you (or other members of your household) belong to any local sports or leisure clubs?
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Are there any recreational activities not provided that you would like to have in the village? If yes, please name them:


Ingatestone has both the advantages and disadvantages of a historic village. It also has ready access to the countryside and a regular rail service to London and most of East Anglia. However, the flow of traffic including large commercial vehicles both on the A12 and High Street reduces air quality. Narrow pavements in sections of the village bring vehicles and pedestrians into close proximity. Many people are now working from home, so internet provision is of increased importance.

For the past 4 years, IFPC have had working groups addressing climate emergency issues and health and wellbeing of residents.

Should we continue promoting measures that would address any of all of the following (please select all suitable options):

If yes, would you benefit from additional events / exhibitions focused on these issues?

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Do you have any suggestions as to how we could help you make your home more energy efficient? 

Would you support the provision of a green burial site within the Fryerning Cemetery? 

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Are you satisfied with the existing broadband coverage?
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Are you satisfied with the broadband speed?
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Are you satisfied with the existing mobile coverage?
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One reason why many residents say they like living in Ingatestone & Fryerning is the independent shops along the High Street. There are some 61 retail premises, but the current economic situation means that it isn’t easy to make a living from small shops and a number have been closed for quite some time. The Parish Council isn’t responsible for shop rents or rates, but we could help in other ways, and this part of the questionnaire seeks to find what you think about our High Street and whether we should be supporting it - and if so, how.

Do you use shops on the High Street? If yes, how often?

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If you don't, why so? 

If you do shop in the village, what type of shops do you use most regularly? Please select all relevant options:

What other shops would you like to see and support in the village? 

Would you like IFPC to promote the High Street with any events or activities? If so, how?


Is there anything not covered in this questionnaire that you think should be addressed or that you would like to add? 

If you wish to be contacted, please leave your telephone number or email address.

Please note that any data you provide will only be used for the purposes of the survey, will not be sold on and will be held by the IFPC in line with GDP regulations.

For more information and out policy on how your date will be used, please visit the privacy statement at
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