Application for US Area Manager (New or Expansion)
This form is intended for those who are already familiar with Waze map editing, the Waze wiki and the editing documentation it contains. Prospective editors should also be familiar with and already participating in the Waze forums. If you don't have this experience, we suggest that you take your time and become more familiar with editing the Waze map.

If you would like to become a manager of a specific area of the United States in the Waze editor, or add to your existing managed area, please fill in the form below and the responsible Regional Coordinator or other US Country Manager will contact you within seven (7) days.

Thanks for having interest in becoming a part of the Waze map editing community!

Waze User ID *
This is the ID you log in to the App and Website
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Email Address *
A valid email address to communicate with Regional Coordinators and Waze Staff. Applicants should consider creating a gmail address for use only with Waze related communications for a number of reasons. One reason is to facilitate the sharing of Google files.
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Request Type *
New - Applicants who have never been an Area Manager. Expansion - Existing Area Managers who are requesting an additional area. Renewal - Previous Area Managers whose management areas have expired.
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