Officiating Application - Battle of Bunker Hill 2020
Battle of Bunker Hill returns to New England for its fifth year. This year’s invitational will take place in Auburn, Massachusetts at the Horgan Arena on May 30th & 31st. The event will feature WFTDA and MRDA sanctioned game play featuring four WFTDA leagues and four MRDA leagues; six sanctioned games under each association. Teams Participating in the event will be announced as soon as all contracts are finalized.

The Tournament Head Officials are Shanksy from Montreal Roller Derby and Coconutz Chanel from Maine Roller Derby and Casco Bay Roller Derby. The Games Tournament Oversight Officer is Pinky & the Brawn from Northern Allegheny Roller Derby.

Applications are now open and shall remain open until March 29th. Acceptances will be rolling starting February 16th.
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Battle of Bunker Hill follows the WFTDA Tournament Code of Conduct ( and the MRDA Code of Conduct ( Please acknowledge you have read and agree to both Codes of Conduct. *
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There will be WFTDA and MRDA games at Battle of Bunker Hill 2020. Every attempt will be made to distribute these games equally across crews. Please indicate any questions or concerns in the comment section below.
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