GIFF 2021 - Film Entry
The GILAK International Film Festival will begin its second with the slogan "Think Different to Immortality." The festival will be known for its short and feature-length films that take a different approach to content and form. This does not mean accepting experimental films. Because there is a big difference between experimental films and films that experiment with content and form. Clearly, the festival's way is to discover and introduce films that are completely identical in idea, content, and form, and that a similar example cannot be found. Because we believe that throughout the history of films that have done so, they have made their film and maker forever, eternal, and a sheet of cinematic history, in addition to paving the way for future generations.

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Rules and Regulations

1.Short (<15min)
2.Feature (>60min)


1.Gold Small Rice (Best Short Film Award)
2.Gold Big Rice (Best Feature Film Award)
3.Gold Small Gilak (Best Short Film’s Director Award)
4.Gold Big Gilak (Best Feature Film’s Director Award)
5.Gilemard (Best Actor Award (Including of short and feature))
6.Gilezan (Best Actress Award (Including of short and feature))
7.Gold Rice (Best Idea Award (Including of short and feature))
8.Special Rice (Jury's Prize Award (Including of short and feature))


The festival is now ONLY accepting entries digitally. Please submit your films through the following online services Filmfreeway
Submissions are open to films from every genre including animation, documentary, drama or artist film, the exception of experimental films. On the other hands, the films will be selected that have storytelling (This festival does not accept experimental films at all.)
The Festival has no restrictions on genres and directions of films.
Works that are solely promotional, educational scientific, LGBT issues, vulgar or violent scenes, obscene, racist, defamatory, nudity or sexual material and content are not eligible for selection in the Festival.
Total running time for short films must be less than 15 minutes in length, including front and back credits. There is no minimum running time limitation, and minimum time of feature films is 60 minutes.
There is no limit to the number of works that can be submitted by anyone individual or organization, but one form must be completed per film.
Films from any and all countries are welcome to participate exception of Iranian filmmakers who reside in IRAN.
Screening Media Type: MP4 or Mov ; Apple ProRes 422 or H.264
All films selected for the festival must not violate the law of the IRAN and moral and ethical standards.
The jury of the festival is engaged in the selection of films.
The jury considers only those films whose authors have paid an entrance fee on the partner sites.
The entry fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee a 100% screening of the film at the festival.
All materials that will be sent to the festival will not be returned.
The festival has the right to use all advertising materials and movie trailers for posting on the festival website, media channels and social media. networks such as Instagram , YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
The festival may change the date and time, venue and other information in THIS agreement at any time. The festival is not obliged to inform the producers about the changes.
All selected works must be screened in their original language with English subtitles (Even English-language movies) on the
print. (Burned - Merged)
In each section, 10 films will be nominated and then the winners will be announced.
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