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When pondering an important career decision you can’t just trust your gut. Your sounding board needs to ask you the right questions and help you make a well-informed choice, based on research and evidence that allows you to maximise your impact. EA Sweden's Careers Club provides you with just this, a series of 4 workshop to learn more about effective altruism and how you can have a greater impact with your career.

You can apply regardless your level of experience. You're a perfect fit for this course if:
- You're committed to maximising the impact of your career
- You're familiar with the ideas of effective altruism
- You're facing a career decision in the next year or so

Over these 4 sessions we will discuss and improve current career plans based on the principles of EA and personal advice from coaches with good knowledge of the local context and the ideas 80,000Hours.

In order for us to understand how we can best help you please fill out the following form. Your information will be used by EA Sweden for the selection process, impact evaluation and to get in touch with you regarding the workshops. (For more information on how we handle private information, see our privacy policy https://www.effektivaltruism.org/intergritetspolicy/).

Deadline for signups is at midnight on Monday 10th of September 2018. We'll review applications continuously.

The sessions will be held in Stockholm. If you'd be keen to set up a careers workshop or talk about your career, feel free to contact Markus or Gabriella at markus@effektivaltruism.org and gabriella@effektivaltruism.org

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