Interest in Shmita Hives 5782
Shmita Hives is a network of local groups exploring a shared curriculum that connects rest, vision, and embodiment with activism. Inspired by the Jewish concept of Shmita, the program is free to participants, and runs from September 2021 to September 2022.

Fill out this form to express interest. (It will take about 10-15 minutes.) The organizers of Shmita Hives will connect you with people in your local area who have filled out the form, and invite you to create a hive together. We encourage you to talk with your friends and neighbors to find others to join your hive, too. As another option, there might also be an online group that is not geographically-based, and the Shmita Hives organizers can put you in touch with others interested in gathering online. (Shmita Hives is designed to be used in person and to be rooted in shared geographic communities. Although that is ideal, it can be adapted for virtual use.)

FYI: If you live in the Olympia area (Nisqually land), please email instead of filling out this form.

The deadline to sign up or start a hive is approximately October 10.

Questions? You'll find lots of information at If you still have questions or comments, email If you know at least 4 people interested in co-organizing their own hive, you don't necessarily need to fill out this form. You can just email to ask for the free curriculum and say where your hive is located.
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Name *
Location *
1) What is the English name of where you live? 2) Whose homeland is that? If you don't know the names of the Indigenous peoples whose territory it is, you might be able to find out here:
For Minneapolis and St. Paul residents: which neighborhood do you live in?
How did you hear about Shmita Hives? *
Considering your personal health and safety needs, are you open to participating in a Shmita Hive group that meets in person? *
All groups will follow CDC, state, and local guidelines for covid-19 safety at a minimum. Groups will also negotiate based on members' personal safety needs. Shmita Hives was designed to be experienced in-person, and we hope that will be possible, but you can adapt it to be virtual. Even groups that begin in-person will keep an open discussion among members about whether safety practices need to change.
Are you fully vaccinated for covid-19? *
How else do you want your group to protect each other from covid-19?
For example, "I only want to meet in-person if everyone is vaccinated, "...if we stay masked," "...if we stay outdoors," "...if everyone gets tested the week before gatherings."
Optional: Please describe any access needs you have that the group should collectively meet. (Within walking distance of your home; fragrance-free; wheelchair-accessible; no cell phones used at event; etc.)
Optional: If childcare would be supportive during the events, please tell us the ages of the kids who will accompany you.
Optional: Please describe your dietary restrictions.
Kosher, vegetarian, etc.
Shmita Hives is volunteer-led. Through collective leadership, we can bring this project to life.
Optional: Do you want to be in a hive that is an affinity space? For example, a hive for Black Jews, for disabled people, for farmers, for secular Jews, for people who are shomer Shabbat, for people who are working on a specific activist issue related to Shmita, etc. Please describe.
If enough people express interest similar to yours, we'll put you in touch. Please tell us which is more important to you: being in an affinity-based hive, or being geographically-close to others in your hive.
Do you know other people who might want to join your hive? *
Optional: Please list names of people who you want to be in a group with. If you've discussed this with them already and they're likely or definitely interested, please note that.
Would you like to be matched with a chevruta within your hive?
A chevruta is person to check in with 1:1. The two of you could decide how to stay connected and how often you'd like to talk -- text once in a while, phone call once a month, etc.
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When are you available for a monthly gathering? *
The suggestion is for hives to meet on Shabbat, to connect that cycle of rest with Shmita. It's also fine to choose a different day/time based on the group's needs (if you're shomer Shabbat, etc). Some hives that meet on Friday evening might choose to add an hour for Kabbalat Shabbat; others might not. Feel free to indicate a need or preference.
Can you help your local Shmita Hive self-organize? Please check anything that you might be willing to do.
May the organizers of Shmita Hives introduce you by email to others who respond with interest? *
Depending on the preference you expressed, we would either connect you with people in your local area, or others who want to form a virtual group. May we also share the rest of the information you wrote on this form? If not, please describe what follow-up you'd like after submitting this form.
Optional: If you want to contribute other skills to Shmita Hives as a whole, please describe what you want to offer.
We're not sure how this project will grow, and we might reach out to folks who could volunteer their skills.
Anything else you want to say? Or questions you'd like us to answer?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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