The "END V3" Program Registration Form
You are registering for the END Version 2 Program which is an advanced Deep NLP program focused on modern NLP models based on Attention and Transformers in Phase 1, and GPT models in Phase 2. This course is designed for working professions and scheduled accordingly.

Please note that, though this is a beginners course, the speed picks up really fast. Python 101 and Pytorch 101 sessions are planned that will help you pick up the speed, but you'll need to be extremely dedicated while taking this course. The instructor will inspire and drive you, but a lot depends on you!

This is the registration form for the END3 Program Phase 1. This does not guarantee your enrollment, but keeps you high in the priority list of enrollments as we follow first-in-first-enrollment model.

The course is divided into 2 phases. You can find the course details on our website

If you have taken any course at TSAI, you know that we will go very deep into the topics and the course is going to be hard. So it is expected that you would put your best into the course as we will from our ends.

This course is also different from our other courses. Here are the key differences:

Important Points:
1. This is a registration form, and if a slot is available you'll receive an enrollment invitation to join the course.
2. This is a two-phase program, in which you must clear the first phase Capstone Project to be eligible for the second phase
3. This is a Live Interactive Online course, but you can go through the session or revise it via the recorded sessions that will be made available on the LMS immediately after the session.
4. Each session ends with an exercise/quiz that must be submitted before the next session.
5. Each phase will take around four months and is divided into around 18 sessions each.
6. You will have lifetime access to the course material.
7. Classes for the Phase 1 are scheduled to start at 6:30 AM on Fridays, and each class is around 2.5 hours long.

Selection to Phase 2 will depend on your performance in Phase 1.

Phase 1:
1. Background and Basics of Modern NLP
2. From Embeddings to Language Models
3. Advanced Python for General Computing & NLP
4. PyTorch for NLP
5. RNNs are dead and their Renewed Relevance
6. GRUs, Seq2Seq and Attention Mechanism
7. HandsOn Training 1
8. Deep NLP using Convolutions
9. HandsOn Training 2
10. Attention and Memory in Deep NLP
11. HandsOn Training 3
12. Transformers with Linear Attention
13. HandsOn Training 4
14. GloVe, Memory Networks and Recap
15. Infinity Capstone Project

Phase 2:
1. Transformers and Attention Mechanism - Overview
2. Reformer: the efficient transformer
3. Bi-Directional Transformers
4. Document Level Models & Contextual Representations
5. GPT1 & Models of Dialog
6. GPT1 Coding & Practice
7. Building and training GPT2 and BERT
8. GPT2 and BERT Coding & Practice
9. GPT3 Deep Dive: Part 1 Architecture & Preprocessing
10. GPT3 Deep Dive: Part 2 Training
11. GPT3 Coding & Practice 1
12. GPT3 Coding & Practice 2
13. GPT3 Coding & Practice 3
14. Advanced NLP Over the Edge
15. Endgame Capstone Project

This is "only a registration form". Once you confirm your interest, you will be sent an enrollment form between 15th-31st July. Only if you finish off enrollment, you will be able to join the course. Please make sure that emails coming from are not spammed (as we would be sending bulk emails out, google around 10% times, marks our email as spam). Best is to send a simple "hello" message to us at or register on this form using a GMail id.

Classes would be held every Friday at 6:30 AM.
The course will tentatively start in the second week of August.

Important Dates:
Registration Opens: 14th June
Registration Closes: 31st July
Enrollment Opens: 15th July
Enrollment Closes: 7th August

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