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Are you able to commit to racing the full 2018 calendar season? *
The requirement per team varies, and might be shifted around slightly. Generally, E4 should commit to 12 races/season, E3 should commit to 15 races/season, Masters Categories commit to 15 races/season and P1/2 should commit to 17 races/season. A racing calendar with team races will be shared separately.
Are you able to commit to two 3 or 4 day team training camps? *
Camps will possibly be in January/February and June/July
Do you have other personal commitments that prevent you from racing more than one weekend each month? If yes, please provide a brief explanation. *
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If chosen to race for the Alto Velo Racing Team (AVRT) for the 2018 season, you understand that being a part of AVRT means being held to the highest standards of conduct, presentation, and participation. The AVRT management has the final authority to add or release racers throughout the 2018 season *
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