David Z Foundation Scholarship Application
Thank you for your interest in a music education scholarship through the David Z Foundation. These scholarships are available for students ages 7 to 18 and will be applied to one of the schools listed below. We are offering one scholarship per school. DZF will choose recipients based on the information provided. Please fill out the entire form to apply.

*These scholarships are intended to help provide financial support for students who would otherwise not be able to have access to music lessons. If you are already involved with a particular program, please be sure to indicate that school on the form below.
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Submit a short 2-3 minute video essay explaining/demonstrating why you should be considered for a music education scholarship through the David Z Foundation. Please use filename format STUDENTNAME_DZF_APP.
Please go to: https://wetransfer.com to upload your video.

From that website, email it to pauliez@davidzfoundation.org.
Income Statement: Our family's net annual income (take-home) falls in the following range:
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The David Z Foundation strives to make music education available to all, so it subsidizes participation through scholarship. Many apply to the program, therefore it is critical that award recipients participate fully and are committed to attendance. Recipients who miss multiple sessions will be under review for potential removal from the program.
I attest that the responses and information given is accurate, complete, and current as of this date. I acknowledge that these scholarships are based on financial need. I pledge to ensure my child’s participation and will adhere to all DZF criteria. *
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