Shoelace Wireless Early Access Program
Hello and welcome to the Shoelace BoostAgent App Early Access Invitation.  BoostAgent allows you to combine your Cellular connection with Wi-Fi and use them both at the same time to improve your Mobile Internet Connectivity Performance. (e.g., Faster Speeds, More Reliable Connections, Increased Privacy.)

To help us identify reviewer candidates, please answer the questions below so we can best match our solution to those we can provide the greatest initial benefit. This phase is open to around 100 participants.  We will open to more participants after we complete this initial phase.  Also we will need your correct google gmail address to send the App.

Thanks for your support and interest!

Shoelace Development Team
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What is your mobile device model manufacturer's name? (i.e. Samsung S8 , LG V20, etc.) *
What is the Android OS version on your device? (Must be Android 6.x and above for our app.) *
Which mobile operator service provider do you currently use? *
What country do you live in? *
What is your current mobile data plan? *
When accessing the internet from your mobile phone, what percentage of time do you use Wi-Fi as opposed to Cellular? *
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Please rate the following features based on what you value most for a better mobile connectivity experience? *
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I like a more secure Mobile Internet? (i.e. VPN encryption.)
I like a faster Mobile Internet.
I like a more reliable Mobile Internet.(i.e., avoid bad Wi-Fi, seamless Wi-Fi/Cell transitions.)
I like to save on Mobile Data but have my connection boosted when needed.
I like new technology.
I would like to block Ads.
I would like to protect my privacy.
Please select your #1 most "Must Have" featured. *
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